February 5, 2013

Who we are


Our name HRQ is just a company "like" name,  random characters that have no any meaning. Actually this in not a company, just a very little group of hobbysts (currently me and another member), however the Taurus have been made only by me, but the future releases(different locos, if there will be any) will be made in cooperation.
The cause of the "hiding" was our (Hungary) tax rules, as those are completely incoherent, there are many of them, you need a lawyer to understand them, and they are always changing. (Maybe you heard of the Hungarian economy minister, who is doing insane and illogical things, changing the rules very frequently, and the half of the world are laughing at him :D)

But in TV there was a programme, where the tax experts talked exclusively about the selling things on the internet, so the tax rules are known for now, and are surprisingly simple (according to the other rules).
So there is nothing illegal about this pack.

Why we don't have "normal" web site is because:
  • costs money
  • useless (what would be the difference? (there we can share infos, here we can do the same)
  • needs more work
The cause why you can buy the Taurus pack with donation and not by fixed price is this: make the users decide how much it worth for them, of course above the minimum. 

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