August 18, 2012

PZB fix

As you know the PZB system of default routes are incomplete. The 500hz magnets are missing, and it's script is not works. Also every main signals have a 2000hz magnet, that can only send 2000hz pzb messages, which is OK for HP (main only) signals, but HPVR combined (main+ distant) signals should be able to send 1000hz too. Other magnets are correctly placed and working.

Here is a signal fix pack, that overwrites the default 500hz magnet script (should not cause problem, as 500hz magnets are not placed at all on default routes, so these are not used by default), and a new PZB magnet type, with name "De PZB 2000hz/1000hz Combo".

To make fully work PZB on default routes, you need the following changes:
- place 500hz magnets along the route (should be placed 250m before the main signals)
- at HP only (main only) signals, the default 2000hz pzb magnets are good no need to changed, but at combined, HPVR signals you need to replace these with the De PZB 2000hz/1000hz Combo
-place the magnet links correctly with care on direction of the links, and the placement

You could do this with vR pzb magnets, but here is a free solution what is reachable for everyone, which is also compatible with both vR and default rolling stock, and of course with Taurus.

Important: as the 500hz script will be overwritten, STEAM probably will revert it to default at every updates and verify game caches. So if one of these happened, make sure that you have reinstalled this RWP.

Here is the pzb fix

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