June 11, 2023

Siemens Taurus ES64 U pack for Train Simulator 2022 (2013-2022) 1016, 1116, 1216, ES64U, ES64U2, ES64U4, BR182, BR183

NEW .NET installer, that runs without Java!
IMPORTANT! If you can't download the installer due to "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service" then here is an alternative download location! (google doesn't say why my file violate their terms, while it doesn't violated for years...)

How to buy:
(At least 14 EUR is needed to obtain the the right to download the pack)
SEPA bnk acc (sorry, but google don't lets me to publish if it's written normally, please remove the animal names to "decode") BE29 cow 9670 duck 3451 sheep 2764
 !!!make sure that you write your email address to the bank transfer announcement/statement message, as the password will be sent to there!!!

Those who bought this, have access to to download the updates too. But those who share it illegally, will lose their access... as all copies can be traced back to the buyer (only by us, none of personal data is shared).
Repaint, reskin packages(rwp format) or Alternative download if the first not works

Update changelog for this pack
To download the updates, please use the installer.

For repaint developers:
Texture source pack (only needed if you want to make repaints)
Texture source for 1216

500hz PZB magnet fix by Steve Dark (this is needed to be installed to make 500hz PZB magnets work correctly, it overwrites a default file, so after updates you need to reinstall this, as steam will overwrite it)

We have created Siemens Taurus EuroSprinter64 U and U2 and U4 locomotives for for Train Simulator 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019 which have widely used around Europe, concentrating on reasonable realism, and details.

This addon of course can be used on all routes, as it is compatible with default railworks/TS routes.

If you have any proposition, or bug report. Please use the E-mail in donation link. Try to write it in english please.

Longer feature showcase video:

If you want to write us: hrqstudios<at>

Some of the features included:
  • AFB implementation (cruise control)
  • computer aided control simulation
  • starting procedure
  • LZB implementation (compatible with Munich-Augsburg route)
  • PZB and Sifa warning system, compatible with default, and vR PZB magnets
  • Hungarian EVM warning system, with working cab signalling (works only with Hungarian signals)
  • detailed models, with full 3D cab models
  • A lot of liveries (including DB BR 182, Railion BR 182, ÖBB 1116, ÖBB 1016, MAV 470, GySEV 470, WLB weathered, Kinderdorf, Golden Team, RailJet, GySEV 1116 061 weathered, A1, Audi, Green Mobilty, Hitradio, Kyoto Express, Telekom Austria, Wiener Stadtischen) (some of these are optional, no need to install all if you don't want)
  • 2 cab liveries (Green-Grey, Blue-Light Green)
  • realistic sounds
  • realistic controls
  • locomotive brake control that have 5 notches (quick release, release, null, apply, quick apply)
  • pantograph selection (Multiple unit synchronized)
  • four headlight intensity configurations(dimmed signal, signal, dimmed halogen, halogen), shunt light, pushing locomotive, etc (Multiple unit synchronized)
  • system temperature and cooling system simulation (cooling sounds, circuit breaking at overheat)
  • repaint friendly structure
  • A free roam, and a standard scenario for Hagen-Siegen, a free roam for Testtrak, one standard scenario for Munich-Augsburg, and another one for Seebergbahn, all indicated with (Taurus) before the name.
  • Train lenght check ("roadrunner")
  • TR button (phase limit button)
  • "Quick Drive" support
  • Headlight lens flare effects
Known limitations or possible bugs:
  • Simple mode is not supported. However the warning systems can be toggled by Ctrl-Shift-S (Sifa), and Ctrl-Shift-A (PZB/Indusi), if someone don't like these.
This pack is donationware/payware (the button is donation as that has the most suitable behavior). If you donate you will get the right to download and play with these locomotives, and to get the further upgrades. (If we find someone's copy on warez sites, we will block their access forever (as they can be traced back), both for updates, and new releases. So please don't do this.)

Legal notice: You are not allowed to distribute this pack, or share it with others, you are allowed to make repaints and distribute the necessary files (modified engine blueprint bin, and the texture), but you should not distribute any other parts, including the GeoPcDx files. See more in manual.

If you want to donate, read this carefully!
  • The minimal donation amount for which you can download this pack, is 14 EUROS!!!
  • The donations can be done through PayPal. (you can use it without credit card, you can top-up money to your PayPal account with simple bank transfers too)
  • The processing of the donations are NOT fully automatic, so you may need to wait for a while (we try to keep that waiting time within ONE day, at afternoons and evening it will be probably within some hours, or minutes.
  • After your donation get processed, and the minimal donation limit is met, you will get an automatic E-mail on that address that you have used for sending the donation, from us (hrqstudios<at>, so check that mailbox sometimes, and check the spam folder too, just in case. The subject of the mail will contain the alphanumeric password, which will be used for the download.
  • If you got the notification mail from us, that means your access to the download is activated.
  • If you didn't get the instructions for long time after your donation, please check your email account spam folder, Maybe it was handled as spam.
  • Follow the instructions in the mail, download the installer application, and use your E-mail address and password to access the download. (to run the install application you will need at least Java 8 to be installed OR You can also use the .NET installer application, for which you probably won't need to install anything, if you upgrade your windows. Just start the installer, and that's all.)
  • If the password and email is correct but the installer still writes "access denied", try without copy-pasting these data (browsers usually copy invisible html characters, which will block the authentication), or first copy to notepad, then copy from there (it removes the invisible characters)
  • Select available optional repaints if you want (you can select multiple repaints, and you can resize the window to make the list more visible), if you have the latest base package already, you may check "Only download the selected optional content" checkbox.
  • Select your railworks.exe and wait for download and install. Don't close the program until it not writes "All downloads are done"
  • Read the manual which will be installed in ts folder/manuals/EN/ES64U Taurus electric locomotive.pdf
  • Play. (two scenarios included in pack on Hagen-Siegen route. "Free Roam: Taurus at Siegen" and "Taurus express" and two more on Munich-Augsburg, and Seebergbahn )
  • For new scenario, you need to use the blueprint set filter (the "Blue box") as usual. Select HRQ then check Taurus. The locos name starting with ES64U.

    Special thanks to Csitti and Minyó Anzelm for the nice repaints, and for Csánki Zsolt for some of the textures

    The installer program is JUST an installer. It authenticates, and downloads the files from a server, decrypts them, and copies the files to the appropriate folders in railworks. That's all not collects any information. You don't need to keep it run, just when you want to download this package, or the updated files.

Siemens Taurus ES64 U Packet für Train Simulator 2022 (2013-2022) ÖBB 1016, 1116, 1216, ES64U, ES64U2, ES64U4, BR182, BR183

NEUES .NET-Installationsprogramm, das keine Java-Installation erfordert!

WICHTIG! Wenn Sie das Installationsprogramm nicht herunterladen können, weil "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service", dann finden Sie hier eine alternative Download-Adresse! (Google sagt nicht, warum meine Datei gegen ihre Bedingungen verstößt, obwohl sie jahrelang nicht verletzt wurde ...)

So können Sie es erwerben:
(Mit einer Spende in Höhe von mindestens 14 Eur erhalten sie die Brechtigung, das Paket herunterzuladen)

Banküberweisung (z.B. SEPA), auf das folgende Bankkonto: BE29 9670 3451 2764 SWIFT/BIC: TRWIBEB1XXX
!!!Bitte vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie Ihre Email-Adresse in die Betreffzeile eintragen (Ersetzen Sie den "@" durch einen "at"), da Sie an diese Adresse das Passwort und die Anleitung für die Installation erhalten!


Paypal ->

*Wer dieses Paket durch eine Spende erwarb, hat Anspruch auf Zugang zu Updates. Wer allerdings das Paket illegal zum Download anbietet verwirkt diese Rechte. Jede Kopie dieses Paketes kann seinem Käufer zugeordnet werden. (Persönliche Daten werden nicht im Paket gespeichert, die Nachvervollgung ist nur durch uns möglich.)*

Repaint, reskin Pakete(rwp Datei) alternativ link

Das ChangeLog (Änderungen) finden Sie hier (Englisch)
Benutzen Sie bitte den Installer, um Updates herunterzuladen.

Ein Texturen-Grundpaket ist verfügbar, falls Sie selbst Repaints anfertigen möchten
Für 1216

Ein 500hz-PZB-Magnet-Fix von Steve Dark ist hier verfügbar (Er wird benötigt, damit die 500Hz-Magnete ordnungsgemäß funktionieren können. Dieser 500er-Patch überschreibt eine Standard-Datei, so dass dieser Fix nach einer Steam-Überprüfung erneut installiert werden muss.)
Check this post for more repaints!

Wir haben die Siemens "Taurus" EuroSprinter 64 U, U2 und U4 Lokomotiven für den TrainSimulator 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019 gebaut. Das Original wird europaweit eingesetzt. Dabei legten wir Wert auf möglichst viel Realismus, soweit dies im TS möglich ist, und Detailtreue.

Wir werden weiterhin an Verbesserungen dieser Lokomotive arbeiten, sobald die uns fehlenden Informationen uns zur Verfügung stehen. Dies betrifft insbesondere Rohdaten, größtenteils Sound.

Dieses Addon kann auf allen Strecken eingesetzt werden und ist kompatibel zum Standard-Inhalt des TS2012/2013. Es funktioniert ebenfalls auf JustTrain-Strecken.

Wenn Sie uns Anmerkungen oder Fehler mitteilen möchten, können Sie uns gerne eine EMail an die Adresse schicken, von der Sie die Spenden-Bestätigung erhielten. Bitte schreiben sie -wenn irgend möglich- in Englisch.

Eine Video-Vorstellung der Lok ist hier zu sehen:

Wenn Sie uns schreiben möchten: hrqstudios<at>

Eine Liste der Features finden Sie hier, ohne Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit:
  • AFB-Implementierung
  • Computerunterstütze Steuerungssimulation
  • Aufrüst-Prozedur
  • LZB-Implementierung (kompatibel mit der Strecke München Augsburg)
  •  PZB und Sifa Sicherheitssystem. Kompatibel mit Standardmagneten und den Magneten von virtual Railroads
  • Ungarisches *EVM* Sicherheitssystem mit funktionierendem Display in Verwendung mit ungarischen Signalen.
  • Detailliertes Modell mit voll detailliertem 3D-Modell des Führerstands
  • Viele Ausführungen ( inklusive DB BR182, Railion BR182, ÖBB 1116, ÖBB 1016, MAV 470, GySEV 470, WLB schmutzig, Kinderdorf, Golden Team, RailJet, GySEV 1116 061 schmutzig, A1, Audi, Green Mobility, Hitradio, Kyoto Express, Telekom Austria, Wiener Städtischen, und anderen...) (Einige der aufgeführten Repaints sind optional erhältlich)
  • 2 Führerstandsausführungen (Grün-Grau, Hellblau-Grün)
  • Realistischer Sound
  • Realistische Steuerung
  • Lok hat 5 Bremsrasterungen: (Schnell lösen, lösen, neutral, selbstverzögernd, volle Bremsleistung)
  • Stromabnehmerwahl (Doppeltraktion ist synchronisiert)
  • 4 Beleuchtungskonfigurationen: abgeblendetes Fahrlicht, Fahrlicht, abgeblendetes Halogen, Halogen, Rangierbeleuchtung, Schiebelokomotive, usw. (Doppeltraktion oder Sandwich ist synchronisiert)
  • Temperatur- und Kühlsystem-Simulation (Lüftergeräusche, Trennschütz bei Überhitzung)
  • Repaintfreundliche Datei- und Texturstruktur
  • Ein Freies-Fahren-Szenario und ein Standard-Szenario für Hagen-Siegen, ein Freies-Fahren-Szenario für die Strecke TestTrak, je ein Standard-Szenario für die Strecken München-Augsburg und Seebergbahn sind Bestandteil dieses pakets und sind erkennbar am Namen (Taurus).
  • Zuglängenkontrolle ("Roadrunner")
  • TR Bedienung (langsames Herunterschalten)
  • Quick-Drive-Unterstützung

Bekannte Einschränkungen oder Fehler:
  • Einfache Steuerung ist nicht implementiert, es können aber folgende Sicherheitssysteme abgeschaltet werden:Sifa kann deaktiviert werden mit STRG-Umschalt-S, PZB/Indusi kann deaktiviert werden mit STRG+Umschalt+A

    Dieses Addon-Paket ist *Donationware*/Payware. Ein Spendenknopf war die beste Variante, Ihnen eine bequeme Zahlung zu ermöglichen. Wer dieses Paket durch eine Zahlung von mindetens 14 Eur erwarb, hat Anspruchauf Zugang zu Updates. (Wer allerdings das Paket illegal zum Download anbietet, verwirkt diese Rechte und der Zugang zu Updates, Upgrades und Patches wird ihm verwehrt. Bitte ersparen Sie sich diese Nachteile.)

    Belehrung: Es ist Ihnen nicht gestattet, dieses Addon zu veröffentlichen,
    weiterzugeben oder sinstwie zum Download anzubieten.
    Es ist Ihnen erlaubt, sogenannte Repaints zu erstellen und auch zu veröffentlichen,
    solange AUSSCHLIESSLICH die dafür benötigten Dateien weitergebeben werden, also
    NUR die betreffenden BIN-Dateien und die Texturen, aber NICHT z.B. die GeoPcDx-Dateien.
    Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte dem beiliegenden ReadMe

    Bitte lesen sie diesen Text sorgfältig, wenn Sie spenden möchten!
    • Der kleinste akzeptierte Spendenbetrag ist 14 Eur!
    • Die Spende kann über PayPal vorgenommen werden. Dazu ist keine Kreditkarte notwendig. Sie können entweder die Spende von PayPal über Lastschrift von Ihrem Bankkonto abbuchen lassen oder ein Guthaben desPayPal-Kontos zur Bezahlung benutzen, indem Sie von ihrem Bankkonto eine Überweisungeines Betrages auf ihr PayPal-Konto veranlassen.
    • Das Spendenprozedere und der Kauf sind NICHT automatisier Wir bemühen uns sehr, Ihnen das Addon binnen eines Tages zur Verfügung zu stellen. Meist erhalten Sie eine Email von uns jedoch innerhalb von Stunden, ja sogar Minuten.
    • Nach der Bezahlung des Mindestbetrages von 14 Eur erhalten Sie eine Email von Paypal und ferner eine Zahlungsbestätigung von uns (hrqstudios<at> Bitte prüfen Sie daher Ihre MailBox und gegebenenfalls auch Ihren Spam-Ordner. In unserer Mail erhalten sie ein Passwort, mit dem Sie später den Download tätigen können.
    • Mit Erhalt dieser Email erhalten Sie die Benachrichtigung, dass ihr Download nun verfügbar und freigeschaltet ist.
    • Wenn Sie von uns trotz ausreichender Spende keine Bestätigungsmail erhalten, prüfen Sie bitte Ihren Spam-Ordner!
    • Bitte befolgen Sie die Anweisungen in der Email, laden Sie den Installerherunter, und benutzen Sie Ihre Email-Adresse und das von uns mitgeteiltePasswort, um Ihr Addon herunterzuladen. Der Installer benötigt Java 8. Java 8 können sie hier herunterladen und installieren: NEU! .NET-Version des Installers, die kein Java benötigt, da .NET Teil von Windows ist: .NET Installer
    • Falls der Installer den Fehler meldet "Access denied" (Zugriff verweigert), stellen Sie sicher, dass sie das Passwort korrekt angaben. Copy und Paste kann hierbei wegen unsichtbarer HTML-Zeichen problematisch sein. Geben Sie es besser von Hand ein oder fügen Sie es zuvor in einen einfachen Texteditor wie z.B. NotePad ein und erst dann von dort in den Installer. Dies entfernt etwaige unsichtbare HTML-zeichen.)
    • Wählen Sie die Repaints bei optional repaints, die sie haben möchten.Sie können mehrere Repaints zum Download markieren und wenn Sie das Fensterdes Installers vergrößern, können sie mehr Einträge erkennen.Falls sie das neuste Basispaket bereits besitzen, können Sie durch Anwählen von "Only download the selected optional content" nur die zu ihrem Paket erhältlichen optionalen Ergänzngen herunterladen.
    • Wählen Sie dann Ihre railworks.exe in Ihrem RailWorks-Verzeichnis aus. Der Download wird dann durchgeführt und das Addon installiert.
    • Bitte lesen Sie das beigefügte Handbuch: RailWorks/manuals/EN/ES64U Taurus electric locomotive.pdf (englisch), oder RailWorks/manuals/DE/ES64U Taurus E-lok.pdf (deutsch)
    • Das Addon ist nun bereit zum Spiel! Ein *Freies-Fahren-Szenario* und ein *Standard-Szenario für Hagen-Siegen*, ein *Freies-Fahren-Szenario für die Strecke TestTrak*, je ein *Standard-Szenario für die Strecken München-Augsburg und Seebergbahn* sind Bestandteil dieses Pakets und sind erkennbar am Namen "Taurus".
    • Um neue Szenarien zu erstellen, müssen Sie bitte im Szenario-Editor den Provider "HRQ" und dann "Taurus" wie gewohnt über den blauen Würfel freischalten. Die Lokomotiven beginnen mit dem namen "ES64U".

    Vielen Dank an Csitti und Minyó Anzelm für die schönen Repaints und an Csánki Zsolt für einige Texturen

    Das Installationsprogramm ist nur ein Installer. Es authentifiziert den Benutzerauf einem Server und lädt das Addon von diesem Server herunter, entpackt undentschlüsselt das Addon und installiert es in Ihrer Railworks-Installation.Der Installer muss nicht während des Spiels laufen, nur dann, wenn sie Inhaltewie z.B. weitere Repaints oder Updates herunterladen möchten.

    January 23, 2020

    Update changelog and development queue for Taurus pack

    Development queue:

    Update changelog post changelog, come back here occasionally to get the news

    Updates can be installed just like you have installed this addon at first time: start the installer application, and download it with that. It will overwrite the old files. Optional repaints can be downloaded seperately without the base package by checking the checkbox in installer.

    2020 Jan 23:  (updated packages:  base package)

    • Added AI train DC pantograph usage for 1216/ES64U4: in scenario editor if you replace the "-" in the locomotive numbering with "X" then it's still going to look like - on the locomotive body, but the AI trains will use the DC (1,5-3 KV) pantographs instead of the AC pantographs
    2018 Aug 25:  (updated packages: -)

    • .NET installer is released, if you use this, you don't need to install Java, as it uses .NET framework, which is part of Windows. Download it here. However it's a bit slower than the Java version.

    2017 Aug 12:  (updated packages: base package)

    • Center headlights are now always on if the headlight is on, as should

    2017 May 08:(just notification):
    • There were some problems at the file hoster, so the installer gave an error message. It's fixed now.

    Sept 25: (updated packages: base package)
    • Fix for problem with cab lights on 1216/U4, which sometimes does not react correctly to battery switch
    • Added small cab light over the speedometer/force meter, and display, it can be switched on by pushing the cab light selector switch to forward (which used to enable timetable and desk light).
    2016 Aug 21: (updated packages: base package)
    • Minor texture improvement on 1116s (ES64U2) around radio display, and main display
    Feb 13: (updated packages: base package)
    • Possible fix for the frame rate related 1216 battery switching problem. Now battery switch have separate ON/OFF keys. To enable the batteries press Shift-B (as before, but now you can press it for longer time, it won't hurt). To disable, press Ctrl-B.
    2015 Jan 23: (updated packages: base package, "OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok by Nicola Mangialardo", Railjet, Kyoto express packages)
    • Fix for the headlight problems introduced when the game is updated to TS2015 (hopefully the game's internal headlight switching system won't interfere with tauruses anymore).
    Oct 18: 
    • updated installer to work after Java 8 update.
    Aug 14: (updated packages: base package, "OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok by Nicola Mangialardo", Railjet, Kyoto express packages)
    • AFB control notching is lowered from 10 km/h per notch to 5 km/h per notch
    • PZB control lights always blinking on 1216 if there is restriction
    • New coupler settings (thanks to William Green) to prevent couplings look strange and make them work more realistic, also springing are set, so prepare for kickbacks when stopping/starting long trains :)
    • train brake notches are shown by name and color on "toy train" interface, also the notches are aligned to the textures, and notch names on 1216 (later for 1116/1016)
    • Spanish manual is included (thanks to Juan Manuel Luengo)
    • Brake cylinder max pressure is set to the realistic 3,6 BAR value (thanks to William Green)
    • max Dynamic brake force is halved to be really 150kN (before, it was 300kN but the game fed back the half of the real number, now this is patched from script)
    • Note that Dovetail games with the TS2014 release broken the dynamic brake on remote controlled locomotives AGAIN, so dynamic brake works only on driven locomotive(not Taurus specific, not works on any locomotive in the game), on helper locomotives it only sounds like it works, but really it isn't.
    • Some smaller things that i forgot :)
    Jun 30: ("Alternative sounds by Taurus0815, and Hyglo")
    • "Alternative sounds by Taurus0815, and Hyglo" have been updated to latest version
    Jun 29: (installer)
    • the storage provider changes some things, so the old installer not works anymore ("database corrupted" message), please update your installer: Main Alternative
    Apr 10: (updated packages: base package):
    • small fix for the problem that prevented releasing penalty brakes after PZB 500hz
    Apr 09: (updated packages: base package, "OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok by Nicola Mangialardo", Railjet, Kyoto express packages):
    • Notched trainbrake, and AFB speed control
    • in 1216 now the percentage on the display shows the state of throttle and dynamic brake levers
    • border for the left side radio display
    • Bigger locomotive brake controller on both locomotives
    • In reverse (reverser set to -100%), PZB is off, but 100 km/h speed restriction is active.
    • Modified coupling, and coupler settings, which should eliminate the problem of wagons bumpers sliding into the bumpers of the locomotives, also the gap in the coupler when the wagons pulled by strong force.
    • more updates later
    • Added optional package for new locomotive sounds "Alternative sounds by Taurus0815, and Hyglo"
    Mar 13: (updated packages: base package, "OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok by Nicola Mangialardo")
    • 1216/ES64U4: Texture added to the display on the left side of driver's desk
    • On 1216, the ammeter is now yellow if electric brake is on.
    • "Zugbeeinflussung" sound is activated at every wachsam keypress, if 1000hz is active.
    • New inverter sound for 1216/U4
    Mar 11:
    • The links for the installer application are changed to: Main Alternative Now these links will show a proxy page, which redirects you to the real link, so no need to share the new links every time when changes, as these pages will always redirect you to the installer.
    Mar 08:
    Feb 25: (updated packages: base package)
    • Minor fix for the initial restrictive mode, which re-enabled the PZB on reverser switching even if the player disabled it before.
    Feb 23:
    • restrictive mode at start can be lifted now with "frei"
    • PZB is disabled when the reverser is not set to movement (forward or backward), and restarts when re-set.
    Feb 19:
    • Attempt to patch in lua script the tractive effort negation bug of the game engine with certain train configurations, by using the sign of ammeter values (which clearly shows when the locomotive is throttling or braking), instead of the occupied cab value. This means there should be no problem with MU configurations and the directions of the locomotives in the train.
    • On 1216/ES64U4 when passing 1000hz, the "V-Überwachung" text should only appear after the player pressed the wachsam button
    • Both locomotives now start in restrictive PZB mode.
    Feb 05:
    • Minor sound changes, sifa whistle sound added
    • Disable lights mode added to the light mode selector on the right display
    Jan 29:
    Jan 24: (updated packages: base package)
    • Fix for PZB messages wasn't ignored when LZB was on.
    Jan 19: (updated packages: base package, "OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok by Nicola Mangialardo")
    • Trick to prevent the center light occluded by the rolled up roller blinds on 1216
    • Added door indicator on 1216
    • At PZB blinking now only the blue background is blinking
    • separate cab camera file for 1216, with view slightly moved forward.
    Jan 14: (updated packages: base package, "OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok by Nicola Mangialardo")
    • Fixed the scale of the separate motor tractive effort monitoring on 1216 right hand display, now peaks at 75 kN instead of 90
    • attempt to reduce the oscillation of the throttle control in AFB mode on both locomotives
    •  on 1216 LZB target speed arrow (red arrowhead) is now independent from the set AFB speed

    Jan 12: (updated packages: base package, "OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok by Nicola Mangialardo", RailJet Pack, "OBB kyoto express, and Wiener Stadtischen 1016 repaint")
    • As all of the engine bin files changed, the external repaints that not made with reskin blueprint. Will not work correctly until the repaint's bin files aren't updated. The repaints that are made by using Reskin blueprint, do not need any modification, that why it's recommended to use this repainting method.
    • 1216test package removed
    • 1216/ES64U4 cab released, 1216 package is moved to base package, with the OBB and Adria paints
    • ES64U2 cab pantograph and circuit breaker switch behavior changed to sprung switch (off, neutral, on, always returns to central position after released), just like in the 1216 cab
    • Both locomotives got Sifa and PZB status announces when the player switch these systems on/off (Ctrl-Shift-S for Sifa, Ctrl-Shift-A for PZB), alternatively in 1216 the PZB can be toggled by clicking on the PZB icon on the central display.
    • Both locomotives now should activate the wagon's red lights (if those implemented these), when the headlights are on in normal mode (this means while the lights set to shunt, light engine, or pushing locomotive mode, wagon red lights won't be activated).
    • Some controls of 1216 have changed to fit the new cab. As the 1216 have the configuration panel somewhere in the machine room instead of cab, battery switch is now can be toggled by Shift-B, the brake mode setup can be changed up/down by Shift- ' / ; (same keys as the trainbrake control +shift), Shift-P and Ctrl-P sets the pantograph modes (Front, Rear, Auto, Both). The AC/DC pantographs raised/lowered according to the selected railnetwork system (AC for DB/OBB/"Generic" 25kV systems, DC for RFI and SZ systems.) Light configuration, and railnetwork can be selected on the right hand display. See this Youtube video
    • Sifa pedal sound added.

    Nov 24: (base package, "1216 test")
    • Added "lens flare" effects to taurus lights (lens flare effect works only in TSX mode, can be enabled in graphics options.
    Nov 23: (base package, "1216 test")
    • Some new sounds by Taurus0815
    • Changed "Zugbeeinflussung" sound activation events
    • New downloaders had sounds missing on 1216/ES64U4, now it's fixed.
    Nov 14: (base package, "1216 test",+ all ES64U2 repaint packages)
    • Added "Quick Drive" consists and consist fragments that use Hannover-Hamburg route rolling stock to make TS2014 standard edition buyers able to use tauruses in Quick Drive. (who have Munich-Augburg, Ruhr Sieg line, or European community asset pack, no need to update)
    Nov 07: (base package, "1216 test")
    • AFB speed controls remapped to RSC style (Y to increase target speed, C to decrease)
    • When AFB switched on, the tractive force isn't falls back to 0 anymore.
    • "Sifa" warning will be played twice before penalty braking
    • Lowered headlight brightness.
    Oct 28: (base package, "1216 test")
    • As RSC have fixed the bug of the dynamic brake force feedback (showed the half of the real force), the workaround for it removed from the taurus scripts.
    • Traction force skipping to original setting when locomotive brake was applied then released is now fixed
    • some new sounds
    Oct 11: (base package, "1216 test")
    • One click for the throttle lever instead of continuous
    • When PZB is enabled, maximal speed enforcement is implemented (165 km/h in pzb mode 85, 125 in 75, 105 km/h in 55 mode
    • AFB target speed pointer now can't be set over 165 km/h if PZB is enabled, and LZB is not active (as in real)
    Sept 15: (base package, "1216 test")
    • Update in german manual
    • Assigned hotkeys to horn tone switch ( "b" and "n"
    Sept 13: (base package, "1216 test", "OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok", "Railjet", "OBB Kyoto Express, and Wiener Stadtischen 1016" packages changed )
    • Realistic horn tone (it shouldn't be a selector, but a switch that sounds the horn immediately as the switch is pushed
    • Refreshed german manual
    Plus few new renders about the 1216 cab (WIP), however the renderer smoothes some hard edges for some reason, which makes some details disappear, but it won't be problem once is in game

    Aug 02: (base package, "1216 test")
    • LZB now have look-ahead for 2 speed limits, so it should notice the speed limit in short distance behind another speed limit (fe. permanent speed limit and signal speed limit behind it)
    Aug 01: (base package, "1216 test")
    • Dynamic(electric) brake force reduced to real strength and the dials patched to write correct values (as due to the bug in the game engine, 150kN dynamic brake force written by the game, is really 300 kN (that's why every rolling stock in game have too strong dynamic brakes)), so expect half dynamic brake strength for Tauruses
    • Electric converter cooling sound and traction motor cooling sound are now different (first is enabled when the loco gets power from overhead wire, the second, can be switched from the cab (off, automatic(default), always on), like in real
    • More airbrake usage in LZB mode (due to the corrected dynamic brake effort)
    • Removed a grey placeholder cube shape that is left under the locomotive in the past update.
    • WLC Roland, SLB, RTS, LTE, Cargo serv repaints for 1216 are downloadable with installer
    July 21:
    • Wachsam button got ball, as that is the standard.
    • Target force small needle is locked to the bigger force needle (can't be done realistically due to game engine limitations)
    July 15:
    • handling of "500" PZB message is included (as vR changed their pzb message from "PZB500" to "500", now it should work on Berlin Wittenberg
    • the trick of Dave Dewhurst on UKtrainsim is included, however the presence of the driver is still random for me, but it may work for others. (Just done that trick and first, the driver appeared in the cab on same livery, then i closed the game, and loaded the same scenario again, and the driver was missing... So i loaded it again, and the driver was there again)
    Jun 23:
    • slower pantograph animation added (and fixed no power issues or  for those who updated/downloaded at jun 21-23)
    Jun 14: (base package, and "1216 test" package changed)
    • Added "Türfreigabe" sound at door open
    • Added that weird sound when enabling the batteries.
    • Cooling sound is now independent from reverser state
    Jun 01:
    • fixed the missing animation file (that cause weird movements of the tractive effort target needle), only the base package changed.
    May 31: (base package, "1216 test", "OBB Italia SZ514 Rekordlok" "OBB Kyoto Express and Wiener Stadtischen" and "Railjet 1116" packages are changed.
    • Throttle lever keyboard sensitivity is restored, as it become less sensitive in yesterday update, for some reason (probably because a silent TS2013 update from RSC)
    May 30: (base package, "1216 test", "OBB Italia SZ514 Rekordlok" "OBB Kyoto Express and Wiener Stadtischen" and "Railjet 1116" packages are changed.
    • More realistic working(limited by the modest capabilities of the game engine) target tractive effort needle, that now shows the dynamic brake target effort too.
    May 13:
    • OBB skin with 3 pantographs is restored (for these you need to set the number manually in scenario editor, in the upper right flyout menu when double clicking on the locomotive, in 1116XXX-X scheme)
    • little changes in pantograph sound
    • fixed possible bug when the third pantograph on ES64U2-s didn't lowered.
    May 06:
    • Added: OBB 175y, and Leonardo da Vinci repaints for 1216 by Nicola Mangialardo (installed in seperate package, so you need to check these in the scenario editor, however these repaints will appear only if HRQ/Taurus package is checked too)
    • Change in main package and 1216 base package, to make the main circuit breaker disabled at start (except in free roam scenarios), and lower the sifa activation time to 30 seconds from 50.
    • Replacing some junk from the big blueprints, to make them lighter.
    May 05:
    • A missing file from the last update, is now uploaded (caused that ES64U2-s doesn't had sound, for those who have newly installed the full pack at may 4)
    May 03:
    • Conversion of some of the ES64U2s to use reskin blueprint, more will be converted if RSC fixes the reskin blueprint (but it's very unlikely as i know RSC...). Scenarios that made using these converted locos (railion, A1, Audi, Greenmobilty, GySEV 1116 06, Hitradio, OBB 1116 3P, RailCargo Hungary, Telekom, Wiener Stadtischen) before the conversion, will crash(SBHH) at load without modification, as the game (who knows why) storing reskinned locos in different way. But with this tool these can be fixed (it searches the rolling stock references in scenario.bin-s and fixes them if it's necessary). You can select folders with the tool, in that case it will search for every scenario.bin files in the selected folder and the subdirectories. It makes backup from the scenario.bins before modifying them (scenarion.bin.bak).
    • Smaller updates in sounds (pantograph rise, cooling, circuit breaker), blank timetable texture in cab, etc.
    Apr 29:
    • The most of the 1216 repaints changed to use "reskin blueprint" instead of normal blueprint. If you placed already these modified 1216s in scenarios with normal blueprint it will cause that scenario will crash(locos with reskin blueprint and normal blueprint saved differently). If you placing them newly in a scenario it will work correctly. Quick Drive is not affected, is should work without any change.
    Apr 28:
    • The Installer application is updated, now it works like STEAM's verify game cache feature. It will check the currently installed files first(only those that are belong to a package), and then it will download only those that are missing from your installation, or changed. This means if only one file is changed, only that file will be downloaded. Also the optional package list is more visible. Please download and use the new installer from now.
    • Added new optional package: SZ 541 "Manner", SLB 1216, WLC 1216 954 repaints for 1216
    Apr 22:
    • The recorder loco had missing files, now these are supplied in that package (OBB Italia, SZ541, RekordLok repaints for 1216 by Nicola Mangialardo)
    Apr 21:
    • New optional repains for 1216 by Nicola Mangialardo (OBB Italia, 1216-025 (Recorder loco, with speed limits lifted), SZ 541
    Apr 18:
    • New optional repaints for 1216 by Nicola Mangialardo (CFI, FUC, FuoriMuro, InRail)
    Apr 15:
    • Added: working external brake indicators for 1216
    Apr 13:
    • the TEST version of 1216 (ES64U4) is downloadable as an OPTIONAL package. It's using the original U2 cab, as it's own cab is not ready. It will be released later, when it's done(it's far from that now), including everything that is connected to the cab. So currently the 1216 works like the original 1116/ES64U2, the exceptions are the animated mirrors (M key for cab 1, Shift-M for cab 2), and the switch between AC/DC pantographs (Shift-P). It will remain an optional package, until it's fully completed.
    Apr 06:
    • Fix for reversed LZB work when the loco is reversed
    • Attempt to avoid the most of the 0 speed displaying on LZB display, when the next speed limit is in more than 10km distance
    • the smooth throttle run up should work again in AFB mode too
    • PZB now not blocks SIFA
    • PZB 1000hz restriction is now automatically gets disabled 1200m from the activation if it isn't activated again.
    • Different control for airbrake hiss sound, to avoid continous hissing after changing cab or locomotive
    • Some other little fixes
    • No changes in engine bins, so the external repaints that have been fixed for dec 04 update, should work without problem.

    2013 Jan 27:
    • Those who still want to use these locomotives in TS2012, should install this package (This should be installed every time, if you update the base package) Who are using TS2013, just ignore this.
    Dec 04:
    • LZB implementation
    • Cleaned from british AWS, from now this loco shouldn't react to AWS magnets.
    • EVM for WLB repaint
    • some changes under the hood
    • new Quick Drive consists using "Legacy" assets (European Community Asset pack DLC (Kuju assets for Ruhr-Sieg route) indicated with ECA), and using Munich-Augburg assets (indicated with MA), see more in manual.
    • All external repaint bin files should be updated too, otherwise will not work properly.

    Nov 17:
    • Little fixes in (only) Railjet pack (added EVM to the 3p variant, added the routes for quick drive consist)
    Nov 16:
    • Two RailJet paints one with third pantograph and "skirt", plus dynamic "spirit of" names on it, and a two pantograph variant without "skirt".
    The dynamic names on the 3P Railjet are should be used in format like this "V1116201-3" where the first character is the first letter of the location. So V1116201-3 will make "Spirit of Vienna" visible, E1116205-4 is for "spirit of europe", etc. The only exception is the Spirit of Switzerland, where this text can be activated by Typing T before the numbers, az S is already occupied by "Spirit of Salzburg". You need to use X if you don't want name for the loco, just the numbers.

    Nov 02:
    • 7 new OBB werbelok repaints by Csitti special thanks to Csánki Zsolt for textures:  A1, Audi, Green Mobilty, Hitradio, Kyoto Express, Telekom Austria, Wiener Stadtischen

    Oct 18:
    • some changes in bogie textures, and Liszt werbelok texture
    • pantograph sparking implemented (the sparking probability depends on speed, and the drawn current from the wire
    • the previously downloadable scenario for Seebergbahn is now included in pack
    • F4 toy train interface improvements, now throttle and trainbrake control works with that too
    • (i you're using external repaints, engine bin/xml files should be updated, or else those repainted engines won't work correctly)

    Sept 30:

    • New version of installer application, which supports optional repaint downloads. There will be a list with the available optional repaints, which you can select from (you can select multiple items too), and there is a checkbox to select whether you want to download only the repaint, or the core files too. Please download the installer again to see these
    • Optional repaint added: GySEV 1116 061 weathered by Minyó Anzelm

    Sept 22:

    • Quick drive compatible consists with tauruses and default rolling stock, on Hagen-Siegen aka Ruhr-Siegen (also set to Seebergbahn, but quick drive not works on that route for some reason)
    • Implemented cab sound occlusion (muffled sounds in cab)
    • Locomotive information, and preview thumbnails 
    • Some other tweaks

    Sept 20:

    • We didn't change anything, credit goes to RSC, for TS2013
    • They replaced the old sound system with new, so some switch and lever sounds started to work on Taurus :D (it should have worked, but the old system was a big mess). Check it out on TS2013 ;)
    • We are on Google+

    Sept 12:

    • replaced wheel textures with more realistic ones(see the screenshot below), also change in lit signal headlight texture.
    • 22:50 GMT the fix of the fix (RSC style) center light texture had slide some pixels because of a bug in photo editor, now it's fixed
    Sept 07:

    • New repaint, 470 503 "Liszt Ferenc" added, by Csitti

    Aug 31:
    • Minor bugfix in installer, please re download it if you need to use that.
    Aug 29:

    • Added another new werbelok repaint "Aranycsapat" (GoldenTeam) by Csitti

    Aug 27:
    • Lowered brake lever coupling sensitivity for those who had problems with low frame rate
    • Two new repaints included in pack (ÖBB Kinderdorf werbelok, and Wiener Lokalbahn) by Csitti
    • The WLB loco also have LED signal light textures

    • Fixed Gysev front numbering position

    Aug 21:

    • AFB vs brake lever fixes
    • slight change in model, hopefully won't break any repaints

    Aug 20:
    • Little PZB fix (now the befehl light and zubbeeinflussung sound at passing red, only comes up when the pass is done)
    • Coupled brake levers (if the trainbrake and dynamic brake levers are close, the dynamic brake lever will be pulled by trainbrake lever, else they can be moved independently)
    • Headlight radiuses lowered (now the signal light barely illuminate anything, like the real)

    Aug 16:
    • PZB fixes (more realism, implemented restricted mode) for handling, see the manual (PZB system is compatible with the default, and vR pzb magnets too)
    • Zwangbremsung sound fixes
    • Implemented working TR button (used at phase limits in reality
    • More realistic trainbrake control.

    Aug 15:
    • Driver in outside view is included
    • Some changes in sound.
    Aug 12:
    • RailCargo Hungary variant texture specularity is reduced
    • In Testtrak scenario, the locomotives moved from overhead wire-less rails to wired.
    Aug 11:
    • Door state indication (more advanced features later if those are possible)
    • Minor changes in cab textures
    • New RailCargo Hungary paint by Minyó Anzelm
    • still there were wrong links in 3 pantograph variant, now it should work correctly
    Aug 10:
    • improved sounds, squeal sound at start added, new circuit breaker sound, background "engine" noise in cab, etc.

    Aug 9:
    • Wrong model(without 3rd pantograph) loaded for 3P blueprint is fixed. If you have used that variant already, delete it from scenarios, download the update and place it again. It's also very recommended to delete Assets/HRQ/Taurus/ES64U2/OBB3panto/OBB3panto_ES64U.bin before updating, OR you can delete the whole Assets\HRQ folder, (if you didn't made repaints), as it will be reinstalled anyway by the installer, with the updates.

    Aug 7:
    • Slight changes in Sifa
    • Improved PZB (see the manual) for 500hz magnets, a modified script is needed (and of course the 500hz magnets on route (Default routes don't have these installed)
    Aug 4:
    • 3 pantograph version is added with ÖBB livery. The third pantograph is used in Switzerland in reality. The third pantograph can be raised by rotating the pantograph selector to it's limit to left (the notch is below the "1" number notch). Of course it's only works on "ES64U2  ÖBB 1116 3P"
    • Evening: light texture on 3P is fixed, also slight change (lower volume at traction motor sound between 40-80 km/h)

    Aug 3:
    • more realistic PZB work at 1000hz magnets (PZB can be toggled with Ctrl-Shift-A)
    • changed forced braking for warning systems (now it isn't uses the default game engine emergency brake, so it isn't get bugged
    • Train length checking implemented (the thing with Roadrunner "bip bip" sound) (use by pressing Ctrl-T (twice))
    Aug 2:
    • new sound component added at acceleration
    • cab camera view lowered by 8 centimetres
    Aug 1:
    • Changed taillight configuration to prevent it to shine in to cab, and to make it slightly illuminate the coupled wagon.
    • Rare script bug(AB battery and the lcd display isn't got enabled) if the frame rate was low now fixed 
    July 31:
    • Texture source pack is released in Gimp 2.8 format, see in the other post.
    • Removed non default rolling stock from the scenarios
    • Added ability to disable/enable SIFA during the gameplay (press Ctrl-Shift-S)
    • More transparent windows in cab
    • Higher quality inverter sound (if you more like the old, Assets\HRQ\Taurus\Audio\inverterhigh3.dav.old and delete the .old from it's name)
    • Slight changes at cooling simulation
    July 30:
    • DB and railion textures fixed: the sides of the roof were colored, but on BR182 those should be dark grey too.

    July 29:

    • afternoon:  cooling system sounds replaced with other, locomotive brake lever got a partial fix (the center notch is not random anymore at least, however it still not like the real due to the limitations of the game engine)
    • late afternoon: Pantograph raising and lowering now have sounds when using pantograph selector. AFB is changed, now it isn't use airbrake, only dynamic brake at max brake force. If the trainbrake, or dynamic brake lever not in release position, that causes instant loss of traction force, both in normal 
    • evening: Missing center halogen headlight fixed, also now both cabs have cab lights, and the roof light placement is corrected (left light was lit when the right should have, and vice versa)
    2012 July 28:
    • initial release

    August 20, 2016

    What to do? (new project)


    I'm still thinking about few smaller improvements on Tauruses, however it's hard since RSC/DTGs new 3D model export plugin, as it's nearly impossible to achieve the same amount of specularity, and reflection effects with the new plugin, as it was in the old plugin and old exports. I hope i can sort it out eventually.

    But i'm thinking more about a new locomotive model, but i don't know which, and if it's wanted... any tips? :) Edit: (it should be a non-steamer, with available raw materials (sounds, photos, blueprints maybe)

    October 24, 2013

    RSC's new Taurus


    Some of you probably noticed that RSC/Dovetail is showing screenshots about a Taurus locomotive, that looks very similar to the HRQ Taurus. That's not stolen or such, they've bought the source of it.
    The ES64U2/1116 with the DB repaint have been sold to RSC/Dovetail, through the parnership programme.
    This was a one time thing, they have bought the copy of DB Taurus in it's state of late august, then they can do with it whatever they want, that will be their own totally independent version.

    However the HRQ tauruses will remain the same, will be updated, will be sold as usual. Simply the players will have the choice to buy a taurus from HRQ or RSC. I expect the handling of RSC Tauruses will be simpler(similar to br101, or ICE), while the HRQ Taurus will remain to aim on realism.

    In short: nothing will change with HRQ Tauruses. The 1216/ES64U4 is not sold to RSC so it won't be available from RSC/Dovetail.

    It's something like GR's br 143 and 151. It was released once by RSC, but GR/VR continued to sell and develop their own variants.

    1216 /ES64U4 cab in development

    More closer to the final :D