October 24, 2013

RSC's new Taurus


Some of you probably noticed that RSC is showing screenshots about a Taurus locomotive, that looks very similar to the HRQ Taurus. That's not stolen or such, they've bought the source of it.
The ES64U2/1116 with the DB repaint have been sold to RSC, through the parnership programme.
This was a one time thing, they have bought the copy of DB Taurus in it's state of late august, then they can do with it whatever they want, that will be their own totally independent version.

However the HRQ tauruses will remain the same, will be updated, will be sold as usual. Simply the players will have the choice to buy a taurus from HRQ or RSC. I expect the handling of RSC Tauruses will be simpler(similar to br101, or ICE), while the HRQ Taurus will remain to aim on realism.

In short: nothing will change with HRQ Tauruses. The 1216/ES64U4 is not sold to RSC so it won't be available from RSC.

It's something like GR's br 143 and 151. It was released once by RSC, but GR/VR continued to sell and develop their own variants.


  1. Why do you sell it? :/

    1. Why not? RSC would make a model anyway (they told that they want to release a taurus, but they prefer to buy what is done already instead of making another). But as i wrote nothing will change with the HRQ package, just RSC have forked taurus, and develop it wherever they want. HRQ and RSC taurus are independent.